The Clean Screen® Xcel solid phase extraction columns are a line of sample prep phases designed to reduce the number of steps in the extraction, and therefore the amount of time and solvent necessary to complete the sample cleanup. Further advantages include reduced sample size and improved cleanliness and recovery. The Xcel I column will extract a wide array of basic drugs including benzodiazepines and opiates. The Xcel II column is designed solely for the extraction of the THC metabolite. See cleanscreenxcel.com for more info.


Clean Screen® DAU is the flagship product of the forensic solid phase extraction column line. The first product of its kind in the industry, it is a mixed-mode column exhibiting both hydrophobic and cation exchange characteristics. Over 20 years of experience has shown this column to be effective on hundreds of drugs in both the acid-neutral and basic drug categories.


The FASt® column is a novel approach to improved sample preparation for LC/MS analysis. The column employs a one step process to prepare urine samples for analysis of multiple drugs and metabolites. By quickly and efficiently reducing the amount of unwanted matrix (through sorbent adsorption) and particulates (filtering through special frits) in the final sample, the analysis can proceed with less chance of matrix suppression and LC column clogging.


Clean Screen® THC is a mixed-mode column, consisting of hydrophobic and anion exchange functionalities. It was the 2nd product in the flagship line and has performed consistently over the last 20 years. UCT’s method allows for the extraction of both the parent drug and its metabolites.


Clean Screen® GHB is a patented mixed-mode column designed for the filtration extraction of ethylene glycol, butan diol, gamma hydroxy butyrate and butyrolactone.


Reduced Solvent Volume is a small particle, small bed SPE column designed for reduced solvent usage and more economical extractions of drugs of abuse and clinical compounds.


Clean Screen® BNZ is specific for the extraction of 7-Amino Clonazepam.


Clean Screen® ETG is a proprietary carbon blend column designed for the extraction of ethyl-glucuronide from urine.

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