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Supports for TLC ready-to-use layers
Physical properties of support materials
Thickness (approx.)1.3 mm0.2 mm0.15 mm
Weight, packaging and storage requirementshighlowlow
Torsional strengthideallowrelatively high
Temperature stabilityhighmax. 185 °Chigh
Susceptible to breakageyesnono
Can be cut with scissorsnoyesyes
Chemical resistance of support material
against solventshighhighhigh
against mineral acids and conc. ammoniahighhighlow
Stability of the binder system of NP plates in water
suitability for aqueous detection reagentsdepends on the phasevery suitableALUGRAM®: limited suitability ALUGRAM® Xtra: well suited

We offer a complete line of products for thin layer chromatography (TLC), high performance TLC (HPTLC) and preparative TLC, including plates and accessories.

Available supportPhaseDescription
Standard silica

ADAMANTsilica 60, improved binder system, optimized particle size distribution

SIL G ALUGRAM® Xtra SIL Gsilica 60, standard grade, particle size 5–17 µm ALUGRAM® Xtra: as above, on aluminium, outstanding wettability, improved cutting properties

DURASILsilica 60, special binder system

SIL N-HRhigh purity silica 60, special binder system, higher gypsum content

SILGURsilica 60 with kieselguhr concentrating zone
Unmodified silica for HPTLC

Nano-SILGURnano silica 60 with kieselguhr concentrating zone

Nano-ADAMANTnano silica 60, optimized binder system and particle size distribution

Nano-SILnano silica 60, standard grade, particle size 2–10 µm

Nano-DURASILnano silica 60, special binder system
Modified silica for HPTLC
Nano-SIL C18-50 / C18-100nano silica with partial or complete C18 modification
 RP-18 Wnano silica with partial octadecyl modification, wettable with water
 RP-2silanized silica = dimethyl-modified silica 60
 Nano-SIL CNcyano-modified nano silica
 Nano-SIL NH2amino-modified nano silica
Nano-SIL Dioldiol-modified nano silica
Aluminium oxide
 Alox-25 / Alox Naluminium oxide
Cellulose, unmodified and modified
 CEL 300native fibrous cellulose MN 300
CEL 400microcrystalline cellulose MN 400(AVICEL)
CEL 300 PEIpolyethyleneimine-impregnated cellulose ion exchanger
CEL 300 ACacetylated cellulose MN 300
Layers for special separations
Polyamide 6perlon = ε-aminopolycaprolactame
CHIRALPLATERP-silica with Cu2+ ions and chiral reagent,for enantiomer separation
SIL G-25 HRhigh purity silica 60 with gypsum, recommended for aflatoxin analysis
SIL G-25 Tensidesilica G with ammonium sulfate for separation of surfactants
Nano-SIL PAHnano silica with special impregnation for PAH analysis
IONEX-25 SA-Namixed layer of strongly acidic cation exchanger and silica
IONEX-25 SB-ACmixed layer of strongly basic anion exchanger and silica
Alox/CEL-AC-Mixmixed layer of aluminium oxide and acetylated cellulose
SILCEL-Mixmixed layer of cellulose and silica

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