Manual Crimper & Decrimper

  • Adjustable crimping height via hexagon key, which allows to move the inner part of the crimping head up and down (not possible for manual crimpers N 8).
  • Crimping pressure adjustable via screw in the handle.
  • Manual crimpers for N 13 and N 20 Flip Top / Flip Off caps (pharmaceutical closures) available.
  • Long life time and convenient handling.

for all crimp caps N 8, N 11, N 13 and N 20

Manual crimping tools
(advanced ergonomic version)

  • More lightweighted than complete steel crimpers.
  • Ergonomically designed handles.
  • Adjustment by a knob on the crimping head that is easily accessible and visible.
  • Activated by bottom handle motion only which allows a steadier and safer hold of the tool during crimping.
  • Due to design and alignment of the crimping head better vertical clearance over the vial.

for all crimp caps N 8, N 11 and N 20

Electronic crimping tools

  • Mobile tools for consistent and reproducible crimping results.
  • Crimping pressure adjustable by pushing +/– buttons of the control unit on top of the tool.
  • Long lasting lithium ion cell batteries (full battery charge for several hundred vials, life time of battery > 1500 charges).
  • CE certificate of conformity.

for aluminium crimp caps N 11 and N 20
(not suitable for 20 mm magnetic / bi-metal crimp caps)

Electronic High Power Crimping Tool

  • Due to a more powerful motor also suitable for magnetic and bi-metal crimp caps.
  • With fixed 12 V DC power supply.
  • Exchangeable crimping / decapping heads.
  • Digital LED display of crimp settings; different jaw settings can be stored in separate programs.
  • CE certificate of conformity along with one year warranty.
  • For more convenient handling a stand is optionally available.

for all crimp caps N 11 and N 20

Manual Hand Decapper
(Plier Style, Dual)

  • Easy and economical manual decapper for two different cap sizes (N 11 and N 20) in plier style
  • Suitable for aluminium and bi-metal caps, not for magnetic caps
  • The use requires an unerring touchdown of the decapper
  • Low weight
  • Antislip handles

for aluminium crimp caps N 11 and N 20 (incl. bi-metal)

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